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Make your own Beauty Collections! Have fun creating your own beauty collections and get inspired from other members' collections. IF you want to know what makes your friend looks so gorgeous, take a pick at the products in your collection. You can create a make up collection for party, romantic date, or make your collections according to your needs. This special little corner is just for you.

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  • Submit New Product- 10 points
  • Completing Beauty Profile - 10 points
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  • Perfect Pout Badge- 15 Reviews in the Lips Category
  • Dare to Stare Badge- 15 Reviews in the Eyes Category
  • Simply Flawless Badge- 15 Reviews in the Face Category
  • Make Up Junkie Badge - 50 Reviews in the Make Up category


  • Strong Strands Badge- 10 Reviews in the Treatment & Color Category
  • Say 'Hair Do' Badge- 10 Reviews in the Styling Products Category
  • Fresh Mane Badge- 10 Reviews in the Shampoo & Conditioner Category
  • Goldy Locks Badge- 35 Reviews in the Hair Category


  • Polished! Badge- 10 Reviews in the Nails Category


  • Smellin' Good Badge- 10 Reviews in the Fragrance Category


  • Totally Clean badge- 10 Reviews in the Cleansers Category
  • Moist Me Up Badge- 10 Reviews in the Moisturizers Category
  • Got It Handled Badge- 10 Reviews in the Treatments Category
  • Pampered Skin Badge- 10 Reviews in the Mask Category
  • No Filter Needed Badge- 45 Reviews in the Skincare Category


  • Tools Badge- 20 Reviews in Tools Category


  • Hand & Foot Badge- 5 Reviews in the Hand & Foot Category
  • Bubble Trouble Badge- 10 Reviews in the Bath and Shower Category
  • Body Moisturizers Badge- 10 Reviews in the Body Moisturizer Category
  • Sunny Side Up Badge- 5 Reviews in the Sun Category
  • Head to Toe Badge- 5 Reviews in the Grooming Category
  • Bodylicious Badge- 40 Reviews in the Body Category
  • Beauty Newbie- 0
  • Beauty Rookie- 450
  • Beauty Enthusiast- 900
  • Beauty Savvy- 1.500
  • Beauty Advisor- 3.000
  • Beauty Expert- 7.500
  • Beauty Guru- 10.500
  • Beauty Idol- 15.000
  • Beauty Goddess- 30.000